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Well, hello there, and congratulations!

You just found a very special place. No, we don’t offer mail order services for our regular but spectacular products here, you can buy them at many other fine outlets.  But, YES, if you are looking for our precious limited editions, this is the place. 


Follow the link below, tell us what we need to know, and you will receive a price quote that includes insured shipping cost to your doorstep. It’s all about you. You deserve it. Due to overwhelming demand for our exclusive editions, please allow us for up to 5 working days for processing your request.



The Residents - Duck Stab! Alive!

Ultra-limited edition of 40 with accompanying - yes, you are reading right - hand numbered VHS tape. The hottest shit from 1978: Video Home System and The Residents combined in this stunning set.

The VHS contains the tracks from the Video-DVD and two
additional "easter eggs" from the Duck Stab! Alive! sessions as "Analog NFT Bootlegs".

Release delayed due to VHS-Production problems. Check back soon!

EUR 400,- each, insured shipping cost to be added based on shipping destination.


Thomas Wydler & Toby Dammit
- Morphosa Harmonia

The artist edition holds an additional high quality hand numbered and signed print presenting a classic Eder cat motive and is strictly limited to 25 (plus 3 artist prints for Eder, Wydler and Mullins) copies priced at EUR 950,- plus costs for insured shipping, based on shipment destination.


Lolita Terrorist Sounds
- Shaved Girl / Curse


One-sided EP with super cool coverartwork by award winning graphic novel artist Reinhard Kleist. The B-side features a technically unique vinyl etching with an exclusive motive for Lolita Terrorist Sounds.

Hand numbered edition of 500 copies including sticker.

EUR 25,- each, insured shipping cost to be added based on shipping destination.


Les Hommes Sauvages Meet Albert Pepermans - Anthology

This strictly limited to 25 copies box set consists of all three Les Hommes Sauvages albums „Playtime“, „Trafic“ and „Vive La Trance“ in 180 gram audiophile vinyl. All beautifully packaged in a massive slipcase and newly designed covers. A fourth cover holds high quality prints of all used art works and a sixteen page booklet.


Last not least: LP art piece - hand numbered and autographed by artist.


EUR 399,- each, insured shipping cost to be added based on shipping destination

Screenshot 2020-09-29 185937.png

Sometimes With Others - NOUS

Featuring artworks by James "Gallon Drunk" Johnston, GRAND CHESS presents its initial release as 180 gram audiophile vinyl in a deluxe 350 gram gatefold cover.  


Complete versions of the artworks are included as high-quality photo prints signed by James Johnston.


The exclusive edition is strictly limited to 55 copies at a selling price of EUR 59.99 each, insured shipping cost to be added based on shipping destination.

simon goff_spark like living mothers_cover with sticker_RGB_3000x3000px_HIGHRES.jpg

Spark Like Living Mothers
- Simon Goff

The exclusive Collector's Edition consists of 25 original works by Ruth Marten.

Click here  (link PDFfor an overview of the 25 motifs. The works are gouache on pigment print, 25 x 25 cm, signed and dated.


The retail price of the limited edition is € 1,400 plus shipping.

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