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Stapel von Aufzeichnungen


Collaborating with well-known contemporary artists and music producers, GRAND CHESS initiates, develops and curates crossover collaborations and product forms such as LP-Objects and Aural Paintings. The GRAND CHESS target audience spans generations of vinyl lovers from baby boomers to Generation Z, essentially anyone with an appreciation for the touch, the heft, the look, and even the smell of vinyl records.

Our releases are available in two flavors, standard editions as well as hand-numbered sound & art objects. The latter are only available at select locations and times.

Artist Management

You create music and art, we at GRAND CHESS make sure your work is recognized. With more than three decades of experience in the music & media business we can make your deal a better deal. 

As our name suggests, strategic planning and execution is a big part of what we do. We don’t play games, we play chess on your behalf.

Whether it’s a straightforward budget negotiation or setting up the best fee structure for a contribution or license, we value your work and make sure the other parties involved do, too.

Organisierte Dateien

Rights Administration

The European Union’s new Copyright Directive creates fresh opportunities and business models for performing artists, writers and producers. The resulting new laws are still under development but it is clear that increased, up-to-date legal and strategic expertise is required to connect the rights’ owners to consumers.

GRAND CHESS provides consulting services in the fields of publishing & performance rights to let artists take full advantage of the new legal framework.

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