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Sometimes With Others is a sui generis electric chamber quartet formed by Mika Bajinski on guitar and vocals and Marie-Claire Schlameus on cello in collaboration with upright bass player and composer Yoyo Röhm (Mick Harvey Band/Martin Dean/Ben Becker) and legendary enfant terrible Kristof Hahn (Swans, Pere Ubu) on lap steel guitar.

Sometimes With Others creates an alchemic brew drawing from Classical music, Jazz, Blues, Noise, Rock and Drone with a hint of Psychedelia. The resulting sound is a seductive passage along the nexus of association and disassociation, plunging deep into spaces between light and dark, masculinity and femininity, repetition and experimentation. Based on the creative concept of minimalism and guided by Mika Bajinki’s low, sonorous voice, Sometimes With Others create an atmosphere rich with cinematic imagery.

The year 2020 marks the long-awaited release of their first LP.

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