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"Berlin 20 + Berlin 80 = 100% Lolita Terrorist Sounds"

Lolita Terrorist Sounds – Shaved Girl 12′′

Driven, piercing, rhythmic — forcing the little temptation beat by beat into the convolutions of your brain. Against all instinct, your body and soul react to this brew of rhythm, melody and bittersweet needle pricks of noise. Lolita Terrorist Sound is sexy pop on the surface, carried by a dark fundament of bass and drums, spiced with intentionally unsettling lead instrument designs. The band manages to transpose the best of the legendary Berlin 1920s and 1980s into an indefinite future. Lolita Terrorist Sound: Berlin’s sexy beast for the 21st century.


Lolita Terrorist Sounds presents a limited edition, live release on vinyl including two previously unreleased songs “Shaved Girl” and “Curse.” Both songs were recorded during the band’s performance at “Ich bin ein Berliner festival” (a festival hosted by the legendary club SO36) in Berlin on August 13, 2016. The recording was mixed in Berlin by Thomas Stern and live official clips from the performance are available on the official web channels of the band.


The artwork by the German cartoonist and graphic designer Reinhard Kleist is a central part of this release. On the cover and on the B-side of the record, the articulated character of the title track “Shaved girl” is illustrated. As a visionary filmmaker adapting the tortuous protagonist of a late 19th century novel to the screen, Reinhard delivers a tangible version of the Shaved (head) girl to the audience, praised and worshipped in the lyrics of Lolita Terrorist Sounds.

Lolita_Terrorist_Sounds_Back_cover .jpg


Maurizio Vitale: Vocals / Drums / Percussion

Roderick Miller: Piano / Organ / Backing vocals

Simon Goff: Bass

Masaya Moussa KalamUllah: Drums / Zither

Steel Cello Backing Tape performed by Bob Rutman

Recorded August 2016 at SO36, Berlin at “Ich bin ein Berliner Festival“

Recorded by the sound crew of SO36 and mixed by Thomas Stern

Produced by Maurizio Vitale

Mastered by Tom Meyer for Master and Servant

Artwork by Reinhard Kleist

Executive Producer – Guido Randzio

All Music & Lyrics by Maurizio Vitale © 2016

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