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Thomas Wydler & Toby Dammit – MORPHOSA HARMONIA

​The announcement of the relaunch of the German label Hit Thing (based out of Hamburg) comes with some anticipation regarding some of the rare titles they released from 2000-2007. At the starting gate is MORPHOSA HARMONIA, the duet album between Thomas Wydler, longtime drummer-alumni of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and Die Haut, and Toby Dammit, also known as Larry Mullins, who has since joined the Bad Seeds as well.

MORPHOSA HARMONIA was originally released in 2004 on CD only. A vinyl release was planned, but the label closed doors, thus the album retreated into the shadow unknown to many. MORPHOSA HARMONIA has a two-sided structure in almost every aspect of the project. The 11-song set was culled from a large body of musical sketches by Thomas Wydler in progress in the early 2000's. Wydler gathered an amazing cast of musicians, including Kristof Hahn (SWANS, Les Hommes Sauvages), Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Haut, Automat), Yoyo Röhm (SWANS), Beate Bartel (Liaisons Dangereuses, Mania D, Matador) and Martin Peter (Die Haut). All the music was recorded in Berlin.


Featuring rare watercolors by Martin Eder, HIT THING presents it’s comeback release as a 180 gram audiophile vinyl in a deluxe 350 gram gatefold cover housed in a box.

For the first time, the full format prints of Eder's watercolors are presented in a stunning 16-page booklet with thread binding on high quality art paper.

The 11-song album, originally recorded in 2002 in Berlin, has been remastered from the original mixes, confirming the definitive version of this special record.

The exclusive BOX Edition is strictly limited to 1000 copies.

»More nervy sonics from Mr. Wydler and Mr. Mullins – strange, complex and dystopian and, well, sort of gorgeous.«


» You’re driving the cliffhanger road in an old Ferrari, sweating, there’s a kilogram in the rear seat; you’re handsome but past it, hair is thinning, phone is buzzing, and you just need to make it to your girlfriends place, one more time. Morphosa Harmonia is your life story.«


» These aren’t soundtracks. Each piece is a film in itself. Seductive and sensual worlds where I personally would like to live. Masterful! «


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