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LES HOMMES SAUVAGES is the passion project of Berlin-based vocalist and songwriter Viola Limpet (Tumbling Hearts) and guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Kristof Hahn (Swans, Pere Ubu, Koolkings). After decades-spanning careers in musical genres rang-ing from experimental noise to country, they distilled their love for the sounds of American rock ‘n’ roll, for the melancholy of French chanson, for German innovation in electronic music and for convention-defying British punk/post-punk into three albums: Playtime (2000), Trafic (2004) and Vive la Trance (2011). Hahn and Limpet, both movie buffs, coined the term “rock ‘n’ roll noir” to describe the results of their collaboration. The Noir film genre with deep traditions on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and world-weary protagonists amidst jungles of urban decay encapsulates the sounds of Les Hommes Sauvages. In pursuit of artistic independence and happiness, they invited fellow collaborators and friends whose work they had long admired. Some tracks are their own compositions, while others are innovative homages to their idols. The results are an exciting audio treasure hunt, immediately approachable yet full of rewards for the careful listener.


Belgian painter ALBERT PEPERMANS is highly regarded for his multi-faceted career, ranging from provocative performance pieces that turn artist and audiences themselves into works of art to vibrant images using only ink, paint and paper. In his prolific body of work, Pepermans frequently juxtaposes abstract and concrete imagery, lending his works rhythm, energy, and a healthy dose of often spontaneous humor. Since the late 1970s, Pepermans’ works have been featured in solo and group shows in North America and across Europe. His collaboration with the famous Flemish author Hugo Claus resulted in the project “Fabels” and three exhibitions that featured poetry juxtaposed with Pepermans’ works. Cheerful and strong, fearless of conventions, Pepermans’ works capture the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Presented together in this anthology box set, the works of Les Hommes Sauvages and Albert Pepermans dispel the need for divisions between the sensual worlds of sound and vision.

After their long respective journeys and experimentation as artists, going through cycles of deconstruction and reconstruction, they have produced works that are accessible and inviting, yet closer attention is rewarded with much more than initially meets the eye and ear. Masters of their respective fields, these kindred spirits join forces in a meeting between cinematic sounds and vibrant visuals.

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